Kubernetes as a Service

Get your Kubernetes cluster on demand. Run your Docker containers in minutes. All managed by us.

Proof of Concept

Don't waste time getting your Kubernetes infrastructure ready and benefit from our experience in building and operating Kubernetes clusters. We take care of your modern infrastructure and let you focus on your core business.


Get your managed Kubernetes cluster in minutes. Don't waste time with creating your own cluster setup and management. Sign up today for the private beta and experience how simple it can be to deploy container workloads with KubeBox .


We love to share our experience with Docker and Kubernetes. Development workflows, CI and deployment pipelines or dockerizing your existing applications, we solve your problems and offer workshops to get your engineers up to date.

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Our opinionated container platform based on Kubernetes is coming in 2016, offering a complete feature set:

Any language, any stack

Building on top of Docker almost any language and technology stack is supported. Our focus lies on Ruby, Java, PHP, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis for the start.

Service Discovery

Building a microservice architecture without proper service discovery is hard and therefore CloudGear provides a solution suitable for any application. No specific application adaptation is required and no single point of failure exists.

User friendly

Optimized for developer and ops happiness by simplifying application management and operations by favoring convention over configuration.


Only run what you require by composing different building blocks to a custom cluster. CloudGear is built of small components which can be added when required or replaced with custom solutions to fit your very special requirements.

Any cloud, on-premise

Don't restrict yourself to a single cloud vendor, choose multiple and create a highly available cluster. Or run your cluster on-premise to keep your source code and data in-house, behind your firewall.

Network Security

All nodes build an encrypted and private mesh network protecting your data. This frees you up from managing complex application configuration like TLS connections to databases.


Usability and hence simplicity is our frontmost feature. Whether cluster setup and maintenance, service management or deployment workflows, the simpler the less chances for errors.


In a disrtibuted system with many small services monitoring is essential to only route traffic to healthy service instances. CloudGear supports application level monitoring and system metrics.


Core components of CloudGear are pluggable and can be replaced. Your scheduler or deployment strategies might be specific to your setup for example. Simply replace it with your custom component.

Persistent Storage

Whether object file storage or databases, CloudGear provides stateful containers including an integrated backup solution to ensure your data is safe.


Depending on your requirements we provide you with support and consulting as well as assisting you migrating your apps to a container centric infrastructure.