CloudGear Docker Images

As part of our offer we are maintaining many Docker images. Our priorities are production ready images, optimized for minimum overhead and a small image size. Most images are universally usable and not bound to the CloudGear Container Platform.

All Images are published in the Docker registry and the source code can be found on our GitHub repository as well.

The images are Automated Builds and are kept up to date. We welcome contributions like new features, fixes, version bumps and other optimizations. Please create a pull request or in case of problems or questions file a Github issue .


Ruby Image for Docker

Ruby and Rails Image

Ruby is our primary language and therefore we have put a lot of effort into our Ruby and Rails images. We are proud to provide one of the smallest images around with an incredible small size of just 329 MB. Included are common build dependencies which allow installing most GEMs with native extensions without any problems.
The image is provided for Ruby version 2.1 and 2.2. All the details can be found in the readme.


Ruby Image for Docker

Ghost Blogging Application

Our own Blog is running on Ghost , so we created a production ready image for it. Not that there haven't been any Ghost images around, but when we checked them we found that they lacked many configuration options and did not play well with an external PostgreSQL databse. Our Ghost image is configurable through environment variables, can be operated with an integrated SQLite or external PostgreSQL database and allows custom themes.
All the details can be found in the readme.


More Images by CloudGear

You find more of our images in the Docker registry or on Github . And we are continuously working on new images and keeping the existing ones up to date.

Please contact us if you miss a specific image or have problems to dockerize your application. We are happy to help you.