CloudGear Products

A full container platform consists of multiple components and we provide you with multiple building blocks to let you focus on the essential parts: your applications.

Private Docker Registry

Private Docker Registry

The open source Docker registry is very minimal and does not offer any user and access management. Therefore we built an extension for the open source version which delivers a graphical user interface with complete user, team and permission management.

Our registry is offered as a public service or on-premise exclusively for your organization with full control over image storage and security.

Managed Kubernetes Cluster

Managed Kubernetes with KubeBox

Don't waste time with building and operating Kubernetes clusters when you can let us do the work. We offer a fully flexible solution which runs on virtual machines or bare-metal. Either on our cloud or behind your firewall in your own data center.

Our plans come with different support levels and further customizations depending on your requirements are possible. Additionally we support you with consulting and implementations of build pipelines, application containerization and cloud-native application implementation.

Container Backup

Do you already know how to backup your containerized data? We have a flexible solution to backup containerized databases as well as file systems of data containers.

Open Source Docker Images

We maintain a set of open source Docker images around popular technologies. Please feel free to use those images, file bug reports or submit improvements on the respective Github repositories.