CloudGear Services

We offer consulting and training around Kubernetes, Docker, microservice architectures and service discovery. Basically all components found in a modern infrastructure no longer driven by configuration management alone. Please contact us to discuss how we can support you.

Kubernetes proof of concept

Kubernetes Proof of Concept

We have built many Kubernetes clusters already and know the details to configure and fully automate cluster set up and operation. Don't waste time and money going through the learning process yourself and benefit from our knowledge and experience.

We discuss your specific requirements, quickly set up the first cluster and let you evaluate the technology. For any further questions, whether how to containerize your workloads, implementing build pipelines or further integrations we stand by.


Docker is simple to get started with in development but the next steps, rolling it our to testing and production are often quite complex. Additionally a container infrastructure requires far more tools than Docker alone and the Docker ecosystem moves quickly and is rather comprehensive.

That is where we can help you: analyzing your requirements and your goals, pointing out how you can benefit from Docker or Kubernetes, containerize your existing applications and setting up a container-ready infrastructure to empower your developers and enable a microservice architecture.

Contact us today to discuss with us your infrastructure problems.



Together with 8gears AG we organize Docker, Kubernetes and microservice workshops. We are happy to share our knowledge with your engineers and bring them up to date with Docker and Kubernetes. Workshops can be organized solely for your organization or from time to time we run public workshops in Switzerland and Germany where you can attend. Please have a look on our partner's website for all the details or get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.